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  • GIS Assembly Mobile Crane
  • GIS Assembly Mobile Crane
  • GIS Assembly Mobile Crane
GIS Assembly Mobile CraneGIS Assembly Mobile CraneGIS Assembly Mobile Crane

This plan fully considers and meets the requirements of the GIS500kV project. The container-type dust-proof room has two upper and lower floors with a size of 6mX2.5mX5.5m, and the overall total weight is about 5.6 tons. It is equipped with a 1T electric suspension crane inside, and is equipped with air-conditioning, dehumidification, dust removal, lighting, fire extinguishers, fly-killing lamps and other equipment, which can meet the basic requirements of indoor temperature, relative humidity, air cleanliness and other purification plants, and achieve strong wind, Continuous construction work under severe weather conditions such as rain, snow, night, etc., to complete the installation of UHV GIS.

1) Design of the whole machine: The frame of the whole machine is mainly designed with steel structure profiles, which has good load-bearing and aesthetics, which improves the safety and reliability of the whole machine. The whole machine adopts flange connection, which is convenient for transportation, installation and disassembly, and the connection part is connected by high-strength bolts, which is more safe. The four corners adopt wind-proof pull ropes to improve the safety of the whole machine;
2) Electric operation: The overall plan is a mobile workshop. The whole machine adopts trackless electric operation, which can realize wireless remote control, electric operation and 360° rotation on the spot. The drive can be two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Compared with electric walking with tracks, trackless walking is more flexible, has lower requirements on the site, and is more convenient. Because there is no track, the site utilization rate is higher;
3) Complete crane design:
Equipped with a 1t upper walking single beam crane, installed on two walking beams. In order to meet the actual needs of on-site installation, it uses a wireless remote control and a wire handle for dual purposes, which is convenient for lifting pipelines and other items. The crane is equipped with a 1t Yale imported hoist .
The driving beam is processed by Q235B, and the surface is painted after rust removal. The thickness of the paint film is not less than 50 microns;
The electrical control components of the driving are all imported components; the inverter is: Yaskawa, Japan, and the control component is: Schneider.
The driving control unit adopts a continuously variable speed control mode, the controller is a wire control, and the crane is additionally equipped with a wireless controller;



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