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Height by Manual Screw

  • MH2 Height By Manual Screw
  • MH2 Height By Manual Screw
  • MH2 Height By Manual Screw
  • MH2 Height By Manual Screw
MH2 Height By Manual ScrewMH2 Height By Manual ScrewMH2 Height By Manual ScrewMH2 Height By Manual Screw

MH2 Height By Manual Screw

Mobile Gantry Crane

The MH small mobile gantry crane has 4 universal wheels, which can be manually moved freely without any tracks. It is suitable for the storage of small tonnage materials and is easy to operate and economical. The EMH electric drive mobile crane gantry is a new type of small lifting gantry developed based on the MH manual gantry according to the typical production requirements of medium and small factories, appearance, on-site and other typical production requirements. Used in molds, auto repair shops, mines, on-site and demand-enhancing sites. What the mobile gantry is concerned about is that it can use multi-directional movement, movable equipment, aerial accumulation, small cars, etc. to move to other places. Width and height are graded and dispatched, the steel structure is reasonable, and the weight can reach 100 ~ 5000 kg.

Mobile Material Handling

The height fixed mobile gantry crane and Height Adjustable Mobile gantry crane provides an economical solution for material lifting. It is applicable for anywhere (indoor and outdoor) within a facility. The strong caster enable you to move the crane around your facility. It is very cost effective way for a light duty working situation. The structure of the mobile crane is designed with square tube legs, knee braces and I-beam as track of the hoist.

Height Adjustable by Manual Winch

The height adjustable mobile crane is a very useful feature of the mobile crane. The overall height of the mobile crane can be adjustable. When fully extended, the gantry crane can give more effective working height than general fixed height crane, and it can go bellow to lower roof or lower obstacle when it is folded. There are 3 type of ways of adjusting: Manual Winches, Manual Screw and Electrical Screw.

A manual winch is installed on both sides of the standing leg. When adjusting the height, the workers on both sides operate the winch at the same time, so that the standing legs can be extended synchronously, so as to increase the overall height of the gantry. Since the vertical leg has been drilled in advance, the manual winch is used to adjust the height, which can increase the overall height by 130-300mm each time.